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People often wonder about the value of getting a tailored suit made for them, in a world where there are so many off-the-shelf options that, surely, you’d be able to find a suit to suit your tastes just by shopping around. This perception is especially prevalent with regards to bespoke tailored suits, given that these take a while to produce, require that the customer comes in for measurement sessions, and so on. In a modern world where we expect to have everything instantly, getting a suit tailored can seem like a quaint and old-fashioned waste of time. But there are several good reasons that you should get your suit tailored. Allow for the time to go through the process and get the suit made before you wear it, but for these reasons, go with a tailored suit over something that is off the shelf:

Finding an off-the-shelf suit that you like is the height of inconvenience. Most people when shopping for an off-the-shelf suit, end up settling for something merely adequate. Why? Because after visiting the tenth store of ill-fitting and poorly designed suits for their figure, they’re tired and just want out of the whole process. Going to a tailor for measurements also takes up some of your time, but you know before you even start the process that you are going to wind up with a suit that you are happy with.

You have far more control over the quality of a custom suit. With bespoke tailored suits, you have far more control over the quality of the material used, and the tailor will discuss with you which material will suit your needs best. Having a professional, trained eye overseeing the entire tailoring process, results in a suit that will last longer and wear better. For that reason, it’s also worth paying a little more for it, as you’ll be replacing the suit less often.

A bespoke tailored suit fits better In the hands of a good tailor. A bespoke custom suit will hide things that you want to be hidden while being sure to highlight your flattering features. Tailored suits are designed to accentuate the best lines in the body, and a material commonly used in them (called canvas) runs through the interior of a custom suit and helps to keep its shape and solidity. Conversely, off-the-shelf suits are never designed around the body. People don’t look back once they have their first tailored suit, and over time there’s the added benefit of getting to know a particular tailor. The more they get to know you over the span of years, the more the suits that they produce will start to match your real personality.

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